Heart Pendant | Equine Mementos
Heart Pendant | Equine Mementos

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the turnaround time?

Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for your keepsake to be completed. Generally, there is a very quick turnaround time (1 – 3 weeks) but it depends on how many and types of keepsakes that are in the production line.  Please be aware that I get very busy leading into the Christmas period and often sell out of some items, so order early to avoid disappointment.

I need the keepsake by a specific date – can I get it done more quickly?

Please make sure that you notify me if you require the keepsake for a special occasion or date. I will always try to meet important deadlines.

Tail or mane hair?

Tail hair is the preferred option for keepsakes as it is much stronger and more consistent than mane hair and is suitable for all keepsakes.  If you only have mane hair, just get in contact and we can work through which items it is suitable for.

Can I combine hair from more than one horse into a single keepsake?

Yes. It is very easy to braid the hair from multiple horses into one item.

What happens with the leftover hair?

All unused hair is returned to you with the completed keepsake.

I would like a keepsake to wear most of the time – what can you recommend?

Most of the pendant range is a great option for wearing most of the time as the hair is protected by the sterling silver.

How do I order and pay?

To order, get in touch with me either via PM, DM or email equinemementos@gmail.com or phone 021 034 8039.

It is important to either print and fill out the order form which can be found on the website, or enclose a note with all your contact and order details with the hair. 

Please put hair into a ziplock or similar bag. Please don’t plait your hair as it takes a lot of extra time to unplait it before I can use it.

Hair and order form can be sent to : Anna Miles, Equine Mementos, 84 Whitneys Road, RD8, Waimate 7978, South Canterbury, New Zealand.

Payment details are sent once the keepsake is ready for the courier.

How much hair do I need to send?

The more the better. Ideally hair should be as long as possible and a couple of fingers in width.

I don’t have much hair – can it still be made into a keepsake?

There are a few options for keepsakes that don’t require too much hair. The stirrup or horseshoe nail pendants are good options as are the resin large hole beads.

Do you work with hair other than just horsehair?

Yes. I have worked with human, cat, dog, donkey and cow hair. Please make contact if you require a keepsake made from other types of hair.

I didn’t get a chance to wash the hair before I harvested it – is that ok?

Unless the hair is extremely dirty or smelly, I am happy for you to send it dirty. All hair does get washed on arrival.

Can the braided horsehair bracelets be worn all the time?

While horsehair itself is quite strong, wearing one of the braided horsehair bracelets constantly will cause damage to it. The end clasps are glued on with a strong epoxy jeweller’s glue but heat, water and chemicals will cause the ends to eventually come loose. It is recommended to treat your braided horsehair bracelet like a fine piece of jewellery. Definitely avoid showering and swimming while wearing your bracelet.

Sizing for braided horsehair bracelets?

It is very useful to send a piece of non stretchy string with the hair. This piece of string should be cut to the length that you would like your completed bracelet to fit on your wrist.

You can also measure your wrist just above the wrist bone and let me know that size – I will then add a further 15mm to that measurement for the completed bracelet.

If you don’t provide a measurement, the bracelet will be made to 19cm.

Do the pendants come with a chain?

All the pendants come on a fine 45cm sterling silver chain that is included in the price. There are other chain upgrades available including belcher chains and wheat chains. Please ask if you would prefer a different chain and I can source one for you.

Heart Pendant | Equine Mementos
Heart Pendant | Equine Mementos